Another Page … the view from my trailer

Today is Canada Day, July 1st, 2015, as good a time as any to begin writing this new blog.

I am at the trailer, near Kincardine, Ontario, and have just spent the first two hours of the morning drinking coffee, reading, playing a CD I borrowed from the library, Mozart’s Adagios, listening to the rain on the roof, watching through the trees as the mist swirls and dissipates over the lake. There’s a greyish tint to the light, but we’re promised the rain will end by noon and the temperature will rise again to a mild warm, but not the levels I’m used to on the Bequia verandah.

I don’t mind though as I’m feeling comfortable already in my new space with a solitary routine that suits my frame of mind at this time of my life. It struck me just now, and this is why I felt compelled to begin writing my new blog today (even though I’ve already given it a great deal of thought over the past month) that I now have world enough and time, the room of my own, without constant distraction, nagging from the internet, to be able to think, first and foremost. To think clearly, to get to know my own mind again, to learn to live with myself and decide what matters most to me – and just do it. I’m reading more, listening … really listening! … to music I enjoy, I’m watching the birds and the rabbits and chipmunks and even a bold red squirrel, as they go about their business before the rest of the park’s human inhabitants wake and begin driving cars and bikes or walking dogs along the road in front of my trailer.

My reading can now be deep and more directed than it has been for a long time. I truly think about what it is I like or dislike about a book and I will not waste time on any that don’t encourage me to keep reading (although I do give each a fighting chance before setting them aside and beginning a new book). I still will not write reviews of the books I read, but I am compiling a list of the best I’ve read so far this year that I will post to my main blog, just in case anyone is interested in my opinions.

It dawned on me this morning too that I have reached a point in my life when I feel comfortable with learning for learning’s sake. I have no need to accumulate knowledge in order to perform better in a job and make money or to show off facts and information that have lodged in my brain. What I now have time for is pure learning, for interest sake. Not because I will use it for anything other than my own personal enjoyment. This is what I wish school had been about all those years ago. Instead of training students to make money and work at a job for the rest of their lives, I wish we had been encouraged to be curious and become life-long learners. There is so much, now that I have world enough and time, that I want to know and experience, and I can do that right here in my trailer, or on my Bequia verandah while I’m there during the winter months.

Then there’s my writing … While I haven’t actually “written” anything new in this past month I’ve lived here, other than a short piece for Carin Makuz’s Litter I See Project, I have put a lot of thought into my second novel, my unpublished novellas and short stories. And I’ve made lists and checked them twice. They do say that thinking is writing, as is gazing out the window at the lake … which is what I am doing right now.

And I realize, as well, that I now have the premise behind this new blog. I will write about what I am doing and thinking and planning here in my trailer and on my verandah. I hope there will be something of interest to my readers, that you will consider subscribing and following, and will pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine, should you prefer, to join me here in my place so we may catch up, discuss, relax and enjoy.

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.




21 thoughts on “Another Page … the view from my trailer

  1. Great blog! The gift of relaxation is one we should treasure, especially when we give it to ourselves!

    Lately, I’ve come to consider ‘thinking about writing’ as actual writing time, and not just limiting myself to a daily word count. That paradigm shift has lessened by anxiety about not producing enough during these months I’ve specifically set aside to finish my current WIP. And funnily enough, I’m now better able to to see the structure of my WIP, and today made actual progress! Wishing you success, however you measure it.

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    1. In a way, relaxation can also be meditation – at least, for me. It’s all part of losing the anxiety, as you say, Susan. I have always used cooking, specifically baking bread, as a way to meditate, but I’m not cooking all that much for myself when I’m alone. So relaxing is definitely the ticket for me! Thanks for being the first to comment, Susan. I hope you will come back to read and comment some more.


  2. Drat! I was hoping to be your first follower and your first commenter, and I’ve missed! Oh, well. It’s raining here in Ottawa, as well, and has made for a pretty dreary Canada Day, so your new blog was a welcome lift! What a great day to start a new blog — Canada Day. Have a great one!!

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  3. I can so relate to your state of mind. Like you, I’ve found my peaceful place. And it isn’t even a ‘place.’ It’s a state of mind. For once in my life, I’ve given myself permission to be happy. Alarm clocks are history. I live with the rhythm of nature. I go to bed when I feel like it and get up whenever I open my eyes. If I want to read books until the wee hours of the morning, I give myself permission. If I want to sit in a lawn chair and watch a butterfly making his rounds of the flowers in my yard, I don’t feel guilty about it anymore. In the old days, I would have beaten myself up for ‘wasting’ time. Now, nothing that helps me to relax is a waste of time. When I stepped off the treadmill of America’s money-making rat race, I found myself, and I like who I am these days. If I want to blast Led Zeppelin until 2:00 am, I do it. I love your new blog, Susan. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

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    1. Ah, my good friend, Rebecca Heishman! So happy you found this new blog straight-away and have not only followed already but commented, as well! And it’s so good to hear that you have found your “space”, Becky. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt the majority of people in this world can ever say that as you have: I found myself, and I like who I am these days. Remember when “finding yourself” was what we were all trying to do in our teens and early twenties? (Of course you do!) But then life happened. So now we’re turning back the clock, going back to the basics, and finally finding ourselves. So glad you are along with me for this ride, my friend, and thanks for adding to our blog soundtrack, too. Nothing like a bit of the Mighty Zep played at full volume, I always say!

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  4. Hi Susan, just seeing this blog for first time this morning while I am drinking coffee and marvelling at how still the water on the lake can be…not a ripple. The reflection is perfect. It is my time for reflection and to look ahead at what the day might present for me.
    I figure from this post and the ones that have followed that you are now spending half the year in Canada and half on Bequia. Too bad we didn’t know earlier as we were in Ontario for two weeks over Canada Day. Where is Dennis during his northern visit? Just Ontario?
    Look forward to reading more of your musings from the View….

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