Another Page – my way of organizing …

Wow! Thank you so much for that response I’ve received after first posting to this new blog! I signed on this morning to many likes, follows, and comments from friends and some new friends I’ve never met online before. What a great way to begin a new venture. To quote Sally Fields in her Oscar acceptance speech: You like me! You really like me!

I thought it might be a good idea to let readers know there is some logic behind the titles of these posts I’ll be publishing. The trailer in Kincardine is named “Another Page”. I’ve commissioned a name sign from Haliburton artist Raquel Linton, and will hang that out front on the stand already in place as soon as I receive it. Our house on Bequia is named “The View”. That sign has been hanging since we first christened the house in 1996 and was lovingly designed and painted by Anna Landry.


Whenever I write a blog post at the trailer, it will begin with “Another Page” in the title (as above); those posts written on Bequia will be titled “The View”. Logical, non? The reason being, besides letting you know where I am when I’m having these thoughts, is that I expect my perspective on life to be quite different depending upon where I am writing at the moment.

Or, perhaps not. We shall see, won’t we?

I’ve also decided not to make my posting here regimented, following some rigid schedule. I will add to it as the fancy strikes me, or if I feel the need to address something that has arisen in comments here or on other bloggers’ blogs. How does that sound? (I just inwardly heaved a huge “Phew!” there because I’m not generally good with schedules and deadlines, and worst for me are those that are self-imposed.)

So, if you stick with me, I hope we will cover some interesting ground … that doesn’t have much at all to do with books, writing, publishing, authors or food. If you’re really interested in those topics, please continue to follow my other blogs, Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing … And, for good measure, a bit of Cooking and Eating and Reading Recommendations … Authors and their books – Great reading suggestions!. I will try to focus my efforts on those two blogs from here on in and keep my opinions to this blog. Because I definitely am not short on opinions. And I would like to hear yours, as well.

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



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