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Since I moved into my new digs on June 1st I’ve been without a constant and uninterrupted Internet connection that I’d grown accustomed – nay, addicted! – to having wherever I went, stayed, lived. It’s taken some adjustment, let me tell you! I go to the park’s Rec Hall to link into their free service to call Dennis on Skype and check in twice a day. But that service is not always connected. So I drive 20k into Kincardine and avail myself of their free WiFi at either the library or coffee shop across the street. Great! But I don’t like to sit there for too long and take advantage. I tried getting my own connection in the trailer, but it turned out that the entire park is in kind of a no-man’s-land when it comes to picking up signals (is that what Internet still does? pick up signals?) so I had to scuttle that idea and return the WiFi hotbox. It’s been a frustrating month as I withdraw, cold-turkey some days (like Mondays when the library is closed), from my 8-20 hour-a-day habit.

It’s not all doom and gloom here, though, as I’ve also discovered that most of what I was doing online, like checking up on social media, sharing, commenting, replying to comments, entering Goodreads Giveaways, and reading a lot of blogs that were no longer of much interest to me, was really now wasting what valuable online time I had. Now that I’ve been away from the trailer for two days and have had the luxury of a connection, I really noticed what little there was of earth-shattering importance that required my attention on either Facebook or Twitter (my two social-networks-of-choice) and I was able to spend that connected time tending to my blogs and preparing posts to promote authors (and write this post) that I could then publish and link to the social media sites. Once I stepped back from Facebook, I was astounded at how much I was actually able to accomplish. Just imagine now the novel writing I can get done, I thought, when I return to the trailer on Wednesday with this new-found discovery about myself and my work habits.

So while I’m not ready to deactivate those social media sites altogether, because I really do need them to promote other authors, my blogs as well as those blogs by friends, and my own writing, I won’t necessarily be on there all the time – commenting, sharing, telling you what I’m doing at that particular moment in my status update, or liking all of your comments and shares. And that’s not to say that I’m being noble or self-righteous by choosing not to check Facebook for hours on end any longer, or that I believe others who continue to do so are somehow deprived and pathetic in some way (even though I was bordering on that “pathetic” level myself). I’m not making any judgements here of anyone else and their use of social media. This post is definitely all about me – not about you. I’m judging myself only and can see that this is now the best way forward for me at this time.

So I may not be as “present” on Facebook or Twitter for a while, although I will continue to promote great authors there, so please do not unfollow or unfriend me immediately. I’ll also continue to share interesting articles, good blog posts, cat videos – because, Hey! we all need to watch cute cats frollicking every once in a while! – and other promos for author and musician friends. I just won’t be online 18/7. I’ll be reading and writing instead.

Of course, this new resolution of mine will all go to hell in a handcart the minute I set foot back on Bequia again, where I know I will have continuous access to the Internet – as long as the electricity doesn’t go off …

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



11 thoughts on “Another Page – Social media and me …

  1. How did I miss this? Probably quite easily these last couple of weeks. Anyway it’s looking good.

    The amount of time one can waste spend on FB is amazing. Chucked it years ago. Now only visit for one book review site. Very disciplined me! I think it depends what we all prefer. I find blogging more thoughtful.

    Linking FB and blogs always seemed counterproductive to me.

    Looking forward to your posts on here as well as elsewhere.

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  2. There’s a lot to be said for disconnecting–well, partially disconnecting. When we go camping, I can see what’s coming into my e-mail because it’s also on my iPhone. Mostly that’s enough. If it’s not, there’s always Starbuck’s or the WiFi at the Adult Lodge. I also have the luxury of writing outdoors without interruptions from anyone but my husby and we have an arrangement. I ask, “Can I finish my thought?” and he says, “Thanks for reminding me.”

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  3. I’ve just had a week without constant internet and I found I actually had time to write! I find I am on facebook less and less and doing more writing and trying to sort out how to use this blog site. Facebook has mainly become a way of talking with people I need to talk with, mostly about books and some family things. The rest is given a cursory look, that’s all.

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  4. I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to be internet-free. I need to have my husband change the internet password and not tell me what it is so I can get some writing done! I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Canada.

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  5. Reblogged this on Ms M's Bookshelf and commented:
    Susan Toy is a multi-talented gal who shares her time between a Caribbean island called Bequia, and a small town on Lake Huron in the northeastern part of southern Ontario. I’ve reviewed a mystery story she wrote that I really enjoyed, and I’ve been following her blog, Island Editions, for quite some time now. This is her new venture which I think you’ll enjoy as my Sunday reblog. In how many ways have we become addicted to the Internet?

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  6. I actually force myself into a self-imposed Facebook Vacation at regularly-scheduled intervals. My brain was becoming saturated with way too much human drama, and I was actually experiencing some depression from it all. Social media is an awesome thing, and I love it. But, I’ve found that, like most things in life that I enjoy, moderation is key. I had to put myself on a Facebook diet in order to keep things in perspective.

    I enjoyed this post.

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