The View – Back on the Verandah

As I type this blog post, I’m sitting in my chair looking out through the railings at the Caribbean Sea to the West – definitely a much larger view of water than I enjoy while sitting in my trailer near Kincardine!

My visit this time is only for three weeks while Dennis is in Canada getting some much needed r&r from the rat race on Bequia. As in Fawlty Towers, he’s left the supervision of his business and employees, the house and four cats to an inexperienced underling who would really rather be reading and writing books. I’m already exhausted from all the dispensing of keys, paying bills, making sure people are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to do. Am thinking that, if it weren’t for the espresso machine, my personal library of books and CDs and DVDs as well as an uninterrupted internet connection, I may be questioning my sanity in leaving the trailer for such a long time … Although Dennis has agreed to fix a few things while he’s in Canada, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. 😉 Plus I have the cats for company, and I did miss them when I was away!

I haven’t been out at all so there’s not much to report abut Bequia yet. I did fly directly over Moonhole, however, and was saddened to see that Jean Poisson’s house (for those who have read my novel, it’s the house where Henri-Alfred lives, and where the Full Moon Party is held) has been totally flattened!! It’s gone, entirely. I knew it had been sold after Jean passed away, but I was shocked to see a big hole on the hill. Very sad indeed. I’ll have to get out for a walk or a drive and see what else has changed here. I had never intended my novel to be an historic document, but if too much more changes on this island it’s looking to become one.

We always said, “Why would we want to change what brought us here in the first place.” But we’re helpless in stopping others from making those changes, it seems.

So while my view from my chair is still much the same as it was when I left here at the end of April, I’m worried about what else I will find that’s different when I do manage to venture off this verandah. The thought just makes me want to stay put for three weeks and really make it the writing retreat I had intended this trip to be …

Here’s one other thing that’s different – the Flamboyant Tree in front of the house is in bloom during the summer months.


You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



7 thoughts on “The View – Back on the Verandah

  1. Thanks for your comment, Jeanette! It is just our house, though, and I make more of a deal of what I have to do with the property management business than is the reality. But I wouldn’t want Dennis to think I’m doing nothing here while he’s away … 😉 Besides, I know he’s already read this blog post and won’t be back to read my reply to you. Ho, ho!


  2. Gosh Darn it! And you are lucky you didn’t get the F bomb.I was so disappointed to hear about Moonhole. Ah…such is progress, and we need to go forward, but the place seemed magical, in your novel, and still seems so perhaps. You must take pictures to stab my soul. It will heal.

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