The View – She’s leaving home, bye-bye …

Well, that was just about the fastest 3 weeks of my life! It seems as though I arrived on Bequia only yesterday, and here I am now, packing to return to Canada tomorrow. And what did I do while I was here? Not a whole heck of a lot, if this blog is any indication.

Oh, I read a lot of books, I watched movies and an entire TV series, I played on the computer, listened to Tim Baker’s shows on Surf 97.3, posted some author promotions, did a bit of taking-care-of-business for Dennis, fed the cats, ate, slept. Hey! I even opened my novel-in-progress file one afternoon and managed to edit an entire chapter.

But … not much else, actually. I did get into the harbour today for one last time and took this photo of the baby almond tree that has now been planted where the old one I reported on earlier was taken down. This poor thing already looks to be shocked at the thought of those big roots it has to fill.


And the weather here the entire time has been HOT!!! There was rain early on, but nothing to speak of lately – and the island definitely needs rain. There was the threat of a tropical storm (that turned into a hurricane) heading towards us, but it tracked well north of here. The only noticeable effect was that the storm sucked all the air out of our region, making it even more HOT!!. Too hot to sleep at night, and the cats were constantly moving to different spots in order to air their bellies and try to catch a bit of relief.


I’ll be returning to the Great White North (hoping it’s not white in Ontario yet! Although Calgary did see snow last week …) where the nights will be cooler and comfortable enough for sleeping. I’m going to be needing some sleep, after all, so I’m fresh and can catch up with all the work I should have been doing while I was on Bequia.

There’s something to be said, after all, for not having a constant internet connection.

And while I won’t be meeting a man from the motor trade, I will be exchanging keys with Dennis at the airport, so he can head back to Bequia and I can drive up to the trailer. Come to think of it, Dennis was trained as a mechanic. Does that count as “motor trade”?

Here’s the musical inspiration for the title of this post, from The Beatles. But then, you knew what song it was, didn’t you?

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



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