Another Page – Last day of summer


The temperature was low enough in the park last night that I had to run the furnace. When I got out of bed, just before 5 (because that’s the quietest time to drink coffee, read, and enjoy my solitude for a few hours), and rolled up some of the blinds, it was still cold enough on the outside and warm enough inside to cause condensation to form on the windows. Not out-and-out frost, mind you, but definitely an indication that this is the last day of summer and autumn is about to begin. The leaves are changing colour and the Canada geese have been honking their symphony as they fly in formation overhead. Most crops are harvested from surrounding farms, and there are fewer campers staying in the park during weekdays or visiting on weekends. The rain and cold have put an end to noisy campfire parties (Hooray!), and while the tractor was still hauling a flatbed trailer around the park roads last night, I noticed that very few children and their parents had hopped on for the weekly “hay” ride. And those that did were huddled in heavy jackets and hats.

I can only remain in the trailer until Oct. 1st, and I’ve already been making preparations to have the place put to bed for winter. I need to pack up and take away a number of items that would not take kindly to being frozen while I’m gone over the winter months … Like Bearka. DSC00341

He is, after all, almost 100 years old, and I don’t believe his metal joints would appreciate the cold and humidity, even though he is still warmly dressed in the sweater, pants, mitts and socks my mother knit for him many decades ago. He’s travelled a lot during his life: from Belgium to Canada, from Toronto to Calgary (after my mother died), from Calgary to Bequia, back to Calgary again, then he moved with me to the trailer when I purchased it in May. So he’ll spend the winter in Canada with my sister and, I’m sure, will be happy to return to the park with me next May 1st.

As for me, I am looking forward to enjoying the view from the verandah on Bequia. Although buying this trailer was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. Both Dennis and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we’ve spent in the park this summer, and I love that I’ve had so much quiet and time to read, write, and reflect while I’ve been here. Especially in the early mornings.

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.


11 thoughts on “Another Page – Last day of summer

      1. That brand has a little gold-ish button in the ear – even if the tags are lost. In any case, he’s certainly a distinguished vintage gentleman. We have a much more worn one from my husband’s family. (Socks, mittens, and a sweater might be just what he needs to protect him a bit – elderly ones do get chilled more easily when their fur thins. Thanks for the idea)

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