Another Page – Saying goodbye to the trailer

Whoever would have known, six months ago when I was still on Bequia, searching through real estate listings across southern Ontario, that I would not only buy a trailer, but take possession and move into it on June 1st, and thoroughly enjoy the next four months here?

I’m a “seasonal” resident in the park, so I may only stay between May 1st and October 1st – which is fine by me! The snow has not yet begun to fly here in southwestern Ontario, but it’s the very best part of the fall season with leaves beginning to turn colour, the Canada geese gathering on the lake and preparing to fly south . . . and the kids back in school. Nice and quiet! I’ve begun preparations for my own departure tomorrow afternoon, arranging for winterizing the trailer, packing up whatever can’t stand the freezing and thawing (like Bearka!) to take with me, and packing away in plastic tubs whatever else is to be left behind. I’ve received wise advice from friends and neighbours on all that must be done before I leave here. So there won’t be any “surprises” when I return on May 1st for the summer of 2016.

This has been an extremely productive summer for me, writing-wise . . . although it’s true, Tim and Rachel, I didn’t actually get much done on that second Bequia novel. But I did begin writing to this new blog, I continued to write to my two other blogs, I’ve just finished preparing a talk and slide show I’ll be presenting in Calgary next week, and I took a lot of photos and videos that became inspiration for me.

The site of early-morning solitude, rest, relaxation and inspiration …


And I read a ton of books!

I also made new friends within this trailer park and in Kincardine – and I will miss them over the winter months!

The park crew has been busy taking out and storing all rental fishing and paddle boats as well as the enormous inflatable slide, iceberg and tire from the swimming area on the lake. Definitely an indication that this summer is now over.

So it’s with a certain amount of wistfulness that I’ll turn the key to lock the door of this baby.

As Dennis said, “It was a great idea you had to buy this trailer! It’s the best thing we could have done for ourselves.”

And I just know that next summer I’m going to have a fight on my hands with him over who gets to come to Canada first to open the place up next year . . . All I’m going to say about that is – my name is on the ownership, insurance, and the contract with the park!

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



4 thoughts on “Another Page – Saying goodbye to the trailer

  1. Susan, you make friends wherever you go! And this year, the first in the trailer, you ‘lost’ down-time to the setting up of the place. Next spring you just dust off after the winter and right away will start making the most of your months there. The ‘hard’ part is done! take care–and safe trip back home (whichever home now that you have two residences!)

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  2. Thanks, Linda! And that was my thinking exactly about next summer. I also hope to get you, as well as many other talented authors, up here for a visit next year … Currently working on organizing speaking opportunities and a writing retreat for September. Stay tuned!


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