The View – Cast Off!

Cast is off!!

Finally, after 6 weeks wearing this fiberglass cast on my broken ankle …


although I did have a lovely view all that time, as you can see.

So yesterday, we made an appointment with Dr. Dany to have the cast removed. It was the first time I’d left this verandah to walk down the stairs (actually, I bummed it down those stairs) and go into town to the hospital since the cast was put on my ankle 6 weeks ago.

When we arrived, the doctor told us he didn’t have anything available with which to take it off. Dennis said, had he known, he would have walked with his own set of tools. Anyway, Dennis had to go to Knights to buy a hacksaw blade for the doctor to use. Then Dennis donated that blade to the hospital after the doctor was finished with it. (Dennis took a turn at sawing at one point to give Dr. Dany a rest.) We thought that Knights should now add “Medical Equipment” to their sign.


(This is actually Knights’ old sign, but we always liked it. Good to know they still carry those pigtails and snouts though … for all your party needs.)

So now … I still sit, although I am putting equal weight on both feet when I walk, but I continue to use the crutches for balance. I am hoping to get to the beach for a swim soon. I really have missed swimming during this time!

You are most welcome here! Enjoying the view with me from my trailer or verandah.



12 thoughts on “The View – Cast Off!

  1. At least you didn’t have surgery. You sound like you are better than I am now!

    I hoped bumming it down the stairs would be good exercise for said area. Not sure it was. Hellish easy though when frightened of falling. Going downstairs? Still difficult 😦

    Best luck Susan for a faster recovery then mine.

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    1. If I’d needed surgery, I would have gone straight back to Canada! And “bumming it” meant I had to make a careful wardrobe selection, choosing the navy shorts over the white … Thanks, roughseas!


    1. Dennis was never a Boy Scout, but he was in the reserves, so he knows what it means to be prepared. He can also mop the floor professionally and sew on buttons.

      Some day I’ll take photos of the inside of that store for you.

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    1. We did drink a glass or three of wine in celebration. Didn’t want to make myself “legless” again, so it was a moderate party this time. The great joy was being able to wash my foot and leg and scrape off all the dead skin. But not only is the skin exposed to the wind and sun once again, but also … mosquitoes. Am being ever vigilant as I can’t likely run away from them for a while yet. I now pack a “racquet” (a fancy electric mosquito and general bug slayer), just in case.


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