The View – Feb 29th, 20 years later …

Twenty years ago on this day, the 29th of Feb., Dennis finished working for the coal mining company in Calgary and we began planning and preparing in earnest our permanent move to Bequia. Here’s the brass ship’s bell that was given to him that day by his colleagues before he left the office …


(Ketchup to the rescue! The tin of Brasso we brought with us 20 years ago had dried up, but Dennis remembered a trick our neighbour Rodger had told him would work on our old espresso machine …)

And the bell is still hanging, and working as a door bell, at the entrance to the stairs leading up to our house. The rope had to be changed once in all this time.


Here’s Dennis with the bell, both still looking good 20 years later!


I wonder if Ketchup would work just as well at shedding the patina and aging from human skin … hmmmm …


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