The View – Sunday morning inspiration …

For an author and busy property manager – an inspired breakfast of reheated focaccia from last night’s get-together with friends along with cappuccino, as the author works out plotting complexities in those pesky, final 3 chapters of her next novel, yet-to-be-published (soon, I hope!), and the property manager deals with calculations in solving the problem of a leaking tank before he relaxes in the hammock to read for the rest of the day.


Still life with ever-present mosquito racquet at the ready!

I even went for extra super-duper inspiration by donning one of Tim Baker‘s IKE T-shirts. I’m counting on being able to channel you this morning, Tim!


Although, I think Griz is the most inspired of all. I’d much rather be relaxing like a cat.


So, around The View today, the catch-phrase is, “Football game? There’s a football game this afternoon?”


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